Technogym – Selection Line – Chest Press

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Device specific for strength training of the pectoral and arm muscles. The exercise consists of stretching the arms forward by pushing the two levers independently of each other. The resistance is given by a weight pack so that the load can be adjusted for the type of person.

• The elliptical shape of the natural movement recruits all the muscles involved in the chest press exercise
Range of movement is convergent for a better “free-weight” feeling
• The two arms move independently to increase coordination
Plane of movement is slightly upward
• The shape of the arms allows users of different sizes to find an optimal range of motion with only a seat adjustment required
• Easy start offers full control of the range of motion
• Neutral grip adds variety to the pattern of movement
• Multi size grips ensure a proper fit for every user
• Contoured shape of the back rest provides optimal stabilization
• Shaped seat increase stability and comfort

Unique Features of Personal Selection

WEIGHT HOUSING – The weight housing on the front gives the product a new look and protects the user from moving weights during training.

TOWEL CLAMP – The towel clamp simply holds a towel in the right place to keep the appliance clean and dry for the next user.

TOP WITH DISPLAY – the top of the device has been enlarged to allow all users to read the instructions and exercises with ease.
Some users see less well and of course we want them to use the devices with pleasure.

• Specific training of the chest muscle and of the deltoid muscle
• Stability of the shoulder joint
• Improvement of the muscle imbalance in the arms


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